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Title: Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver
Genre: Third Person Action/Adventure
Platform: PS1
Price Paid: $6.99 (used)
Would Pay: $24.99
Complete: Yes

Now this was what I was expecting with Hellboy - a supernatural creature opening a can of whoop ass on other supernatural creatures. This game was more violent then I was originally expecting, with the ability to impale other vampires or set them on fire, but in retrospect it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise with the M rating. I don't know why I was expecting something not as violent. Despite all the violence, the main focus of the game is the puzzle solving. Many of the enemies, especially the bosses are just there as puzzles or impediments to the puzzles.

The world just feels huge, with several castles and citadels to explore and clean out. By the end of the game, you know how to roll blocks to get the right side out and up without thinking about it :D. Although the levels are sprawling and feel free, you are forced down one path for the most part. It doesn't detract from the game, since it's the illusion of freedom that matters, not the actuality. Very rarely are you ever unsure of exactly what you need to do next. I had to hit a FAQ three times, two were "*doh* I should have known that", and only once was it something I wouldn't have figured out.
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Title: Hellboy : Asylum Seeker
Platform: PS1
Genre: Third person action adventure
Paid: $7.99-10% (used)
Would Pay: $0

This is the first time posting a review for something I haven't finished at least one time through. I may eventually go back and try to finish this, but I'm going to have to be really, really bored to do so.

This game looks and plays like Alone in the Dark. I'm not talking the bastard child "The New Nightmare", but the original Alone in the Dark. The main difference being AITD was actually fun. You know it's bad when a year old game doesn't compare well to a 12 year old game. The model for Carnby could be dropped in as is, and not be out of place. I think Carnby, unarmed, could kick the ass of Hellboy. Hellboy had to be taking some serious drugs to have problems beating an overweight, one armed nurse.


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